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Uniform Feeding Valve-air motor

which is mainly designed to realize quantitative feeding.In the cylindrical channel of the rotary valve body,its unique star-shaped blade rotates 180° around the axis clockwise or counter-clockwise,which can not only achieves uniform discharge,but also effectively prevents leakage.
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  • D06.1A1

Working Principle:

when the material in the upper silofalls under its own weight and fills the gap between the blades,it is discharged at the lower part with the rotation orreciprocating movement of the blades.Therefore,the star-shapedd discharge valve can discharge quantitatively and continously .The star-shaped discharge valve is commonlyused in the transportation of bulk,granular and powdermaterials;at the same time ,for the pressure output systemor negative pressure output system,the star-shapeddischarge valve can uniformly and continously supply the material to the conveying pipe to ensure the materialin the output tube is relatively stable ,so that the bulkmaterial transportation can work normally.The star-shapedpowder discharge valve is a simple and fast  conveying equipment with stable performance and suitable for powder granule and other media,and is widely used in food ,biological products,milk,powder,sugar and other industries.

Technical Parameters:
Working pressure.-0.1Mpa to +0.5Mpa
Air source pressure0.4 to 0.8Mpa
Actuator0-180 degree actuator(standard configuration),0-90 degree actuator,pneumatic rotary motor,servo motor(optional)
Working temperature.-20℃ to +150℃
Metal material316L(parts in contact with the medium),304(parts not in contact with the medium)
Seal materialViton,in accordance with FDA21  CRF 177.2660(standard confilguration)
Surface treatmentRa<0.4(surface in contact with medium),Ra<0.8(surface not in contact with the medium)
Airtight pressurenon airtight(standard confilguration)
Sterilizaion methodSIP
Explosion-proof gradeATEX 12 GD T4
Connection standardDIN 11850 series2,ASME-BPE,ISO 1127 series1


DN NPS DIN11850-1 3A/ASME-BPE ISO2037/ISO 1127 BS4825 GB/T12459
DN100 4" 104*119*104 101.6*119*104 101.6*119*104 108*119*104
/ 4.5" / / 114.3*130*104 /
DN125 5" 129*155*130 / 127*145*130 133*145*130
/ 5.5" / / 139.7*155*130 /
DN150 6" 154*183*150 152.4*166.8*150 168.3*183*150 159*183*150
DN200 8" 204*233.5*210 203.2*217.7*210 219*233.5*210 219*233.5*210
DN250 10" 254*268*252 254*268*252 273*287*252 273*305*252
DN300 12" / 304.8*319.3*300 323.9*338*300 325*338*300
DN400 16" / / 406.4*430*406 /

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