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Two Piece Flanged Fluorine Lined Ball Valve

Suitable for the transfer of liquid and gas media(including steam) in  industrial pipelines,including  concentrations of aqua regia,sulfuric acid,hydrochloric acid,organic acids,strong acids and strong oxidants at -50℃ to 150℃.PFA-lined ball vales can even be used in  pipelines with various concentrations of strong alkali organic solvents and other corrosive gas or liquid media.
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  • Q16.1


Fluorine-lined ball valva is  designated for controlling the flow of highly corrosive media,with a structure of floating ball and straight  through body.The valve is connected by means of flange.The body is made of carbon steel lined with fluorine plastic inside.The ball core and stem are fully integrated,made of metal and wrapped with fluorine plastic.Fluorine-lined ball valve is of great valve in terms of its good corrosion resistance and sealing ,flexible and fast opening and closing,aesthetic design,great hardness and durability.It is the most  widely used corrosion-resistant valve in the modern chemical process.


  • Small fluid resistance.Straight structure;basically no flow resistance.

  • Compact and reliable .Two PTFE sealing seats are installed inside to ensure the valve is fully sealed.The valve can be widely used in vaccum systems.

  • Simple structure .Easy to maintain.The seals are movable ,making it convenient to disassemble and replace.

  • When the valve is fully opened or closed,the ball and seals are isolated from meida.

  • Great sealing performance.Zero leakage.


Size D C E n-φh L
DN10 1/2" 90 60 41 4-φ14 130
DN15 3/4" 95 65 45 4-φ14 130
DN20 / 105 75 55 4-φ14 140
DN25 1" 115 85 65 4-φ14 150
DN32 1 1/4" 135 100 78 4-φ18 165
DN40 1 1/2" 145 110 85 4-φ18 180
DN50 2" 160 125 100 4-φ18 200
DN65 2 1/2" 180 145 120 4-φ18 220
DN80 3.5" 195 160 135 8-φ18 250
DN100 4" 215 180 155 8-φ18 280
DN125 5" 245 210 185 8-φ18 320
DN150 6" 280 240 210 8-φ23 360
DN200 8" 335 295 265 8-φ23 400
DN250 10" 405 355 320 12-φ26 450

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