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The Safety Valve

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 RA series safety valve is the sanitary stainless steel valve ,its safety design make it protect the equipment,so it installed in the return circuit of discharge pressure ,it's good for safety protect function in pipeline,pump,device,storage tank.Extensiveloy use to food,beverage,dairy,beer industry etc.


Steel parts:stainless steel 304,stainless steel 316L


Working Principle:

RA series safety valve is calibration one specific pressure  by adjust gland nut. calibration pressure is the pressure in order to avoid equipment damage.Under the normal working presssure ,the valve is close; when the pressure of system beyond the calibration pressure,the valve will be open.The pressure in the pipeline system get release ,thus protect the pipeline and equipment.

RA11 series valve  is the improve type of RA,it improue the start and open device ,it is easy to doing CIP cleaning  for safety valve and its pipeline.The RA safety is a little special valve,which under strict calibration before leave factory,but if have conditional,should be calibartion the valve again on the spot as far as possible.


Nuomeng, insisting on the goal of winning recognition from clients all over the world, takes pride in our capability of producing spare parts for manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical and bioengineering industries.

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