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Tank Bottom Diaphragm Valve

Suitable for inert and corrosive liquid and gaseous media
  • Support CIP/SIP. Drainage , cleaning and sterilization optimized
  • Impact design , suitable for installation in confined spaces
The plastic handwheel is resistant to high temperature and burns and damages
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Work Principle:

The diaphragm is close under normal state,and that moment the diaphragm clung to the valve body cavity,and closing off the flow path through the pipeline.When the diaphragm valve have the requirement to clean or open,the valve stem moves upwards according to the manual or pneumatic actuator equipment,spherical diaphragms naturally bend upwards ,so that the valve is open and reach the requirement of clean and open.The diaphragm make the lower body cavity and the upper chamber,seperated from the valve cover,so that the stem at the top of the diaphragm,disc media and other parts from corrosion,eliminating the need for packing structure,and no media leaks.The optimize valve body made the cleaning liquid flow out totally ,so that don't have any entrapment.

Technical Data
Material Connect with the product parts
CF3M/316L Can provide material inspection report

CF3M/316L Casting/Forging
Sealing material Standard
EPDM+PTFE in accordance with FDA177.26Q/3A/USP for food,drinking water and microorganisms and other health requirements
Pressure Pressure of work manual:0-10bar 、  Pneumatic:0-4.5bar
Control air pressure 5-8bar
Temperature Working temperature EPDM -20~+120℃、EPDM+PTFE-20~+130℃
Sterillization temperature 150℃≤30min
Surface treatment Inside surface treatment Ra≤0.4-0.6㎛
Surface treatment RA≤0.8-1.6㎛
Connection The diameter welding Standard of connection:DIN11850-2 with 11850-1/SMS/3A/ISO Series etc


DIN DIN                11850-2 ISO/SMS 3A/BPE
DN10 1/2" 90 6 16 76.5/85.5 12×1.5 13×1.5 12.7×1.5 12.7×1.65
DN15 3/4" 90 6 16 76.5/85.5 18×1.5 19×1.5 19.05×1.5 19.05×1.65
90 6 16 93/103.5 22×1.5 23×1.5 / /
DN25 1" 120 6 20 93/103.5 28×1.5 29×1.5 25.4×1.5 25.4×1.65
DN32 1 1/4" 160 6 20 107/124.5 34×1.5 34×1.5 31.8×1.5 /
DN40 1 1/2" 160 6 20 107/124.5 40×1.5 40×1.5 38.1×1.5 38.1×1.65
DN50 2" 200 6 30 129/151.5 52×1.5 52×1.5 50.8×1.5 50.8×1.65

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