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Relief Valve

pressure releif valves are able to adjust and reduce inlet pressures to specific outlet pressures,and then reply on the flow energy and spring tension to automatically stablized the outlet pressure.
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Working Principle:

Relief valve is to reduce the air pressure by the local resistance of gas to the flow channel inside.To control the range of air pressure drop,all one has to do is to manually regulate the spring pre-tightening force,which can  directly control the disc movement.The valve is usually equipped with two pressure relied systems,one in service and on for back-up.If the primary system on the pipeline is not enough to reduce the pressure,the secondary decompression can be used ,so as to prevent the system or downstream equipment from being damaged due to any failure of the valve.


No. Name Material
No. Name Material
1 Valve Body SS/HC
9 Handle Cover ABS
2 Valve Core SS/HC
10 Nut SS/HC
3 Valve Cap SS/HC
11 Screwed joint SS/HC
4 Diaphragm SS/HC
12 Locating piece SS/HC
5 Big gasket 304
6 Spring 304
14 Spring SS/HC
7 Handwheel AL
15 Press nail SS/HC
8 Nut 304
16 Screw H59

Technical Parameters:
Nominal Pressure1.6Mpa3.2Mpa8.0Mpa16.0Mpa32.0Mpa70.0Mpa
Inlet Pressure1.6Mpa3.2Mpa8.0Mpa16.0Mpa32.0Mpa70.0Mpa
Outlet Pressure Range0.1-1.0Mpa0.1-3.0Mpa0.3-7.0Mpa0.5-15.0Mpa1.0-30.0Mpa2.0-64.0Mpa
Pressure Characteristics DeviationGB12245-2005
Flow Characteristics DeviationGB12245-2005
Leakage AmountX/F(PTFE/Silicon):no leakage/Y(Metal Seal);Acorrding to GB12245-2005

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