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Powder Butterfly Valve

The butterfly valve is mainly used in the mixing process of granule-granule,granule-powder,powder-powder materials in the production of solid preparation in pharmaceutical industry .It is widely used on IBC turnover hopper in pharmaceutical,chemical and food industries.
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  • D04.1A


The series powder butterfly valve is specailly used for powder /granular materials in food and pharmaceutical industries.The valve body is made of stainless steel  SS/HC/Ti,and the disc is made of the same metal as the valve body.The soft seal(wear-resistant rubber seal ring) makes it ideal for all kinds of powders,especailly for materials with strong abrasion.In powder and granular material handling systems that require gravity drop or pneumatic conveying,special powder butterfly valves are often installed in hoppers,silos,screw conveyor outlets and gas feed.

Clamped Powder Butterfly Valve--Specification
ACTUATIONmanual/gear actuation
RAConfroms with sanitary requirements


  • New and reasonable design;unique structure and light weight;rapid opening and closing;

  • Small operating torque.Easy to operate;labor-saving and flexible.

  • Can be installed in any position;easy to maintain.

  • Easy to remove and disassemble .Convenient to clean and move.

  • Seals can be replaced .Two-way sealing;zero leakage.

  • The sealing material is aging resistant,corrosion resistant.Good performance in sealing and long service life.

It's developed by our company  specailly for powder/granular material food and drug industry.The valve body is made of SS/HC/Ti,and the disc is lined with a stainless steel core of wear-resistant polymer material,and the soft seal(wear-resistant rubber sealing ring)makes it ideal for all kinds of powder and granular material applications.


Size A*K*L
DN NPS DIN11850-1 3A/ASME-BPE ISO2037/ISO 1127 BS4825 GB/T12459
DN100 4" 104*119*78 101.5*119*78 101.6*119*78 108*119*78
/ 4.5" / / 114.3*130*78 /
DN125 5" 129*155*78 / 127*145*78 133*145*78
/ 5.5" / / 139.7*155*78 /
DN150 6" 154*183*78 152.4*166.8*78 152.4*183*78 159*183*78
DN200 8" 204*233.5*78 203.2*217.7*78 219*233.5*78 219*233.5*78
DN250 10" 254*268*78 254*268*78 273*287*78 273*305*78
DN300 12" / 304.8*319.3*90 306*338*90 325*338*90
DN400 16" / / 406.4*430*90 /

Nuomeng, insisting on the goal of winning recognition from clients all over the world, takes pride in our capability of producing spare parts for manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical and bioengineering industries.

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