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Pneumatic T-Reversing Angle Valve(stainless steel actuator)

The working principle of pneumatic  T-reversing angle valve;when there is no compressed air in the pnuematic actuator,due to the action of spring ,the sealing of N port is closed,and L/R channels maintain connected;when the sealing port is closed ,L/R channels are disconnected,and L/N channels will be connected.
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Applied on equipment in beer & beverage, printing and textile, gaseous, pharmaceutical and medical, chemical, hightemperature sterilization/foaming, and water treatment industries, etc.

Technical Parameters:
Medium neutral water gas oil(WOG)
Size DN15-50
Valve body Angled valve body,right angle valve body,T-connected valve body,T-reversing valve body,Y-filling valve body,regulating valve body
Connection Female thread,clamp
Pressure range 0-16bar
Body Material CF3M/CF8/2205/HC
Sealing material PTFE(standard option)、TFM 1600、P0B
Medium temperature .-10℃-+180℃(or able to reach 220℃ at most with optional accessory)
Environment temperature .-10℃-+80℃
Air supply pressure 4-10bar
Pneumatic Connector DN10-50 G1/8-8mm DN65-100 G1/4-8mm(plastic hose connector)
Failure Position in case of air supply loss,the valve will be closed at FC(NC is the standard option)
service life of actuator Normally 400,000 times;able to work in humid and corrosive environment.The sealing parts inside the actuator are resistant to high temperature .When used together with a regulating cone,the valve can be treated as a regulating valve.
Optional accessory manual-pneumatic actuator ,mechanical limit,contact position feedback,capacitive inductive position feedback,solenoid valve,electrical adjustment positioner,etc.


No Name Material
No Name Material
1 Valve body CF8/CF3M
7 Air diaphragm actuator 304
2 Stem core 304/316L
8 Tabletting 304
3 Valve stem 304/316L
9 Body seal CPTFE
4 Valve seat CF8/CF3M
10 Cap seal CPTFE
5 Air faucet H59+PBT
11 Padding CPTFE
6 Silencer H59
12 Spring 60Si2Mn


DIN11850-1 DIN11850-2 ISO2037/ISO 1127 BS4825 3A/ASME-BPE
DN15 3/4" 34*18 34*19 25*19.05 25*19.05 90 80 61 220
DN20 / 34*22 34*23 50.5*21.3 / 90 80 61 242
DN25 1" 50.5*28 50.5*29 50.5*25.4 50.5*25.4 100 90 74.5 285
DN32 1 1/4" 50.5*34 50.5*35 50.5*31.8 / 130 105 74.5 379
DN40 1 1/2" 50.5*40 50.5*41 50.5*38.1 50.5*38.1 150 110 74.5 390
DN50 2" 64*52 64*53 64*50.8 64*50.8 160 130 89 410

Nuomeng, insisting on the goal of winning recognition from clients all over the world, takes pride in our capability of producing spare parts for manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical and bioengineering industries.

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