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Pneumatic Quick Installation Angle Seat Valve

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Applied on equipment in beer & beverage, printing and textile, gaseous, pharmaceutical and medical, chemical, hightemperature sterilization/foaming, and water treatment industries, etc.

Components include an advanced pneumatic actuator, engineering plastic housing, low friction brass nickel-plated

piston and internal self-lubricating elements. Maintenancefree; able to rotate by 360°. Can be connected with a solenoid valve via NAMUR interface. Normally divided into three types: normally closed, normally open and double-acting.

Technical Parameters:
ActuatorReinforced engineering plastic pistion(NO、NC、Dual-Acting)
Valve bodyAngled valve body,right angle valve body,T-connected valve body,T-reversing valve body,Y-filling valve body,regulating valve body
Connectionweld、clamp、flange、thread(H59 can only be connected via female threads)
Pressure range0-16ar;25bar  (or able to reach 25 bar or even higher pressure with optional accessory)

Body materialCF3M/CF8/2205/HC
Sealing materialPTFE(standard option)、TFM 1600、P0B
Medium temperature.-10℃-+180℃(or able to reach 220℃ at most with optional accessory)
Environment temperature.-10℃-+60℃
Air supply pressureDN6-DN50  4-10bar   DN65-DN100  5-7bar
Pneumatic ConnectorPlastic hose connector
Failure PositionIn case of air supply loss,the valve will be closed at FC(NC is the standard option)
Service life of actuatorNormally 400,000 times;able to work in humid and corrosive environment.The sealing parts inside the actuatorare resistant to high temperature.When used together with a regulating cone,the valve can be treated as a regulation valve.
Optional accessoryManual-pneumatic actuator,mechanical limit,contact position feedback,capactive inductive position feedback,solenoid valve,electrical adjustment poitioner,etc



Nuomeng, insisting on the goal of winning recognition from clients all over the world, takes pride in our capability of producing spare parts for manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical and bioengineering industries.

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