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Pneumatic High Pressure Ball Valve

High pressure ball valves are applicable with pipelines in different working conditions of pressure class 150-2500LB and temperature range-28 to 300℃ inpetroleum,chemical and thermal power industries,with special consieration on its safety and resistance to harsh environments.The applicable media include water,steam,oil,nitric acid,acetic acid,urea and other corrosive and strongly oxidizing media.Allowed operations include manual,pneumatic,electric,hydraulic and pneumatic/hydraulic operations,etc..........
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When the stagnant pressure in the cavity of high-pressure ball valve exceeds the pre-tightening force of the spring,the valve seat retreats away from the ball and pressure will be automatically relieved,after which the valve seat automatically resets.

In the event of a fire or abnormal temperature rise,the sealmay be burnt or softened.To stop the fire from spreading ,resort to the pressure of spring and medium;the spherical surface of the support ring and the sphere can thus form a metal-to-metal contact to achieve a temporary sealing effect,in accordance with the provisions of API6FA.

The gland ofhigh-pressure ball valve is sealed with PTFR packing and O-ring double sealing ring,especailly suitable for gases.The packing material is packed in the packing disc,and the new SF type self-lubricating sliding bushing with low friction system can be used at any time to reduce the operating torque.

Conform with ISO5211 platform design standards.No need to connect brackets and bushings,making it easier to install the actuator.

2000PSI 3-PCS ball valve adopts ISO5211 platform design standards.No need to connect brackets and bushings,making it easier to install the actuator.It could be connected by means of socket welding,thread,butt welding,flange,etc.

  • Blow-out proof stem.

  • First stage of sealing:the taper-shaped stem seal can effectively prevent the leakage of the medium during the rotation of stem,and can also effectively prevent leakage under abnormal pressure boosting conditions.

  • Second stage of sealing :a set of V-shaped composite packing expands on both sides after being compressed,thus preventing leakage

  • Release the dis spring preload and automatically compensate for packing and stem seal wear

  • Use the stem nut to compress all the stem sealing system to prevent leakage.

  • The check washer secures the stem nut and prevents it from loosening.


Size F E PN63 L
DN15 3/4" 16 45 105 75 4-18 170
DN20 / 19 58 130 90 4-18 190
DN25 1" 22.1 68 140 100 4-18 210
DN32 1 1/4" 28 78 155 110 4-22 210
DN40 1 1/2" 35 88 170 125 4-22 210
DN50 2" 47.5 102 180 135 4-22 230
DN65 2 1/2" 59.5 122 205 160 8-22 270
DN80 3" 72.2 122 215 170 8-22 280
DN80Max 3.5" 84.9 138 2115 200 8-22 280
DN100 4" 97.6 158 250 200 8-26 300
DN125 5" 121.65 188 295 240 8-30 356
DN150 6" 146.8 212 345 280 8-33 394

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