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Pneumatic Clamped Diaphragm Valve with Stainless Steel Actuator

Suitable for inert and corrosive liquid and gaseous media 
  • Support CIP/SIP. Drainage, cleaning and sterilization effect is optimized
  •  Impact design, suitable for installation in confined spaces 
  • The plastic handwheel is resistant to high temperature and prevents burns.
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No. Name Material
1 Valve Body CF3M/F316L
2 Diaphragm TFM1700
3 Meldbrane EPDM
4 Alex Sleeve PTFE
5 O-type Gasket FKM
6 Guidance Tape PA
7 Spring 60Si2MnA
8 Spring 60Si2MnA
9 Cylinder Block 304
10 Valve Core CF8
No. Name Material
12 O-type Gasket FKM
13 O-type Gasket FKM
14 O-type Gasket FKM
15 Normally closed shaft CF8
16 Pointer ABS
17 Bolt 304
18 Nut 304
19 Air Faucet PA6
20 Cap PC
21 Spring Washer 304
22 Valve Cap CF8

Note: The material of each part may be different under different working conditions. The specific material shall prevail.



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