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Pneumatic Anti-mixing Butterfly Valve

Purity and safety is ensured.One disc,two seals;zero leakage and no contamination.
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  • D03.2


The mix-proof butterfly valve ,with a purpose of separating media,is suitable for a variety of applications:

in CIP systems ,for separating CIP media;

in flushing processes;

in water source management.

in pipelines,for separating media;

in CIP gas management(breweries);

in storage tanks,for separating product/CIP;

as a CIP return valve in a manifold;

preferably suitable for liquid and gaseous media without suspended matters/particles.

Work Principle:

This discharge butterfly valve provideds a double insurance of sealing:both valves are actuated by one actuator at the same time.When the two valves are closed,there is a cavity between them.This cavity is pressurized below standard atmospheric pressure so that it is opened from the outside so that ,in the event of damage to either seal,a leakage of liquid material will indicate any possible accidental mixing of material.The condition of the seals is monitored by means of leak detection,while other(more advanced) detections control the incoming cleaning solution to prevent any situation of cavity contamination.


No Name Material
1 Valve body SS/HC/Ti
2 Valve deck SS/HC/Ti
3 Dish plate SS/HC/Ti
4 Seat ring VMQ/EPDM/FKM
5 Coupling 304
6 Air diaphragm actuator AL
7 Adapting piece 304
8 Holder 304


Size D*T
DN NPS DIN11850-1 DIN11850-2 ISO2037/ISO 1127 BS4825 3A/ASME-BPE L
DN50 2" 52*1.5 53*1.5 50.8*1.5 50.8*1.65 112
DN65 2.5" 70*2.0 70*2.0 63.5*2.0 63.5*1.65 126
DN80 3" / / 76.2*2.0 76.2*1.65 146
DN100 4" 104*2.0 104*2.0 101.6*2.0 101.6*2.11 170

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