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Manual Welded Butterfly Valve with Stainless Steel Handle

To prevent  contamination,all components,after processing,shall be put in an ultrasonic cleaning sink and cleaned with special solutions to remove oil and grease.Assembly and calibration shall be cairried out in a designated cleaning room,so as to make sure that every butterfly valve can be used in a sanitary system.
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The series of sanitary butterfly valve is pneumatically or manually operated ,widely used in food,beverage,brewing ,dairy and

 biological engineering industries,with an intended purpose of controlling and regulating medium flow in pipelines.

Work Principle:

      The valve can be manually operated  via a handle ,or remotely controlled by an electric or pneumatic actuator.

      The electric or pneumatic actuator converts the axial movement of piston to the rotation of shaft.So that the valve can be open or close and thus control the pipeline system.There are three types of actuator:normally open(NO),normally closed(NC),air/air(A/A).

       Via a multi-position duckbill handle,the valve can be lockable in 12 position by 15 °,achieving the purpose of medium flow controlling.


        Alternatively,to control the medium flow,one can also use a pulling handle four multi-function positions.



Nuomeng, insisting on the goal of winning recognition from clients all over the world, takes pride in our capability of producing spare parts for manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical and bioengineering industries.

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