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Manual Welded Ball Valve

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This type of valve series can be automatically or manually ,because of its can be very good deal with viscous or medium with particulate,which is widely used in food,beverage,pharmaceutical and chemical industrial piping system ,to regulate and control the medium flow in the system.

Work Principle:

This kind of valve can be operated through actuator(electric pnumatic).

Actuator or manually with the hand is to revolve the axial movement of piston actuator(electric or pneumatic) pushed the position of axial movement into 90 degree;so thed it the valve can open or close.The actuator have three types.

Multi-position handle can be use to 15° adjustment of valve there is 12 seat to lock open or close.In that way,the valve can control the flow.

Pulling handle can use to the 4 multi-function to lock open or close,in that way,the valve can control the flow.



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