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Double Disc Metering Valve

The operation and use of this valve must be used in conjunction with the batching weighing system.The clamp type assembly method is convenient for users to disassemble and assemble quickly .This valve is mainly used for the sub-packing and metering of materials and granular materials.
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  • D05


No. Name Material
1 Valve body SS/HC/Ti
2 Large butterfly plate SS/HC/Ti
3 Small sphenoid plate SS/HC/Ti
5 Clamp CF8
6 Air diaphragm actuator AL
7 Coupling 304
8 Axle sleeve PTFE
9 Air diaphragm actuator AL

Technical Parameters:
Specifications 6.0"、8.0"、10"、12"
Working pressure .-0.1 to +0.5Mpa    -0.1 to +0.5Mpa Workins
Working temperature .-20 to+135℃(depending on the sealing material)
Metal material 316L(parts in contact with the medium) ,304(the parts not in contact with the medium)
Sealing material PTFE(standard configuration) EPDM rubber,silicon rubber (optional)
Surface treatment Ra<0.4(part in contact with medium) surface polishing or electrolysis(the parts not in contact with the medium)
Connection standard ASME-BPE
Connection method welded,clamped,etc.
Large rotor actuator 0-90 degree(butterfly rotor), 0-180 degree(star rotor)
Small rotor actuator 0-180 degree actuator ,pneumatic motor,and servo motor


Size A*K*L
DN NPS DIN11850-1 3A/ASME-BPE ISO2037/ISO 1127 BS4825 GB/T12459
DN125 5" 129*155*90 / 127*145*90 133*145*90
/ 5.5" / / 139.7*155*90 /
DN150 6" 154*183*110 152.4*166.8*110 152.4*183*110 159*183*110
DN200 8" 204*233.5*120 203.2*217.7*120 219*233.5*120 219*233.5*120
DN250 10" 254*268*120 254*268*120 273*287*120 273*305*120
DN300 12" / 304.8*319.3*120 306*338*120 325*338*120
DN400 16" / / 406.4*430*120 /

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