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Counterbalance valve

Work Principle:
Entering the inlet,the liquid is blocked by the diaphragm ,thus exerting an upward pressure on the diaphragm.When the pressure is high enough to compress the spring,the fluid can push up the diaphragm to form a channel,so that the fluid can flow through the outlet.However,when the pressure is not enough,the pressure will be held until the inlet pressure increases and reaches the rated pressure,so that diaphragm is pushed up and a channel is formed.To adjust the rated pressure,one can easily adjust the top rod at the upper end of spring to adjust the length of spring.
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When the pressure in the pipeline or vessel is unstable,the back pressure valve can maintain the pressure at required levels,so that the pump can keep the output flow under normal conditions.Due to gravity or other effects,the siphon phenomenon ofter occurs at the outlet of the pump,causing flow and pressure fluctuations,which ,however,can be relieved by a back pressure valve to some extent.For volumetric pumps(such as metering pumps),excess delivery will occur at low system pressures.In order to prevent similar problems,the back pressure shll maintain at 0.7bar or higher at the outlet of metering pumps,which is generally achieved by installing a back pressure valve at its outlet.


Before choosing the right valve,one needs to know relevant parameters and features.

  • The diameter of back pressure valve usually refers to the diameter of pump outlet.

  • Inlet pressures can be set among eight levels,ranging from 0.3Mpa to 64Mpa.The pressure difference between inlet and outlet can be controlled by adjusting the spring length.

  • Materials are normally determined by liquids and temperatures.Regular materials include SS304 and SS316L.Corrosion resistant materials are also available,such as C276 and C22.

  • Regular inlet and outlet connection includes female,flange and clamped types.

Optional Output Pressure Range:

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