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Clamp Three-way ball valve

There are two typs of three way ball valve--T-shaped and L-shaped ball valve.For T-shaped type,the three channels can be  mutually  connected while simultaneously shutting off the third channel,thus playing the role of deversion and confluence.For L-shaped type,only two of the channels can be connected but the third channel cannot be connected simultaneously ,thus playing the role of distribution.
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Three-way ball valve  and plug valve can be classified into onesame type. Their difference is that the closing part of three-way ball valve is a sphere,and the sphere rotates around the axisto open and close the valve.Three-way ball valve is mainly used to cut off,distribute and change the flow direction of media and there is norisk of detained liquids getting mixed new liquids.


Technical Parameters:
Actuation Stainless steel stem,aluminum pneumatic actuator(single/double acting),electric actuator
Size DN15-DN100
Body Three-way ball valve body
Fluid-Contacting Surface ASTM A351 CF3M/CF8
Non-Fluid-Contacting Surface ASTM304
Connection welded,clamped,flange
Operation Pressure DN10-DN100 PN16bar
Operation Temperature Dependent on seal materials
External surface roughness:Ra≤0.8μm and ≤0.4μm
Internal surface roughness:Ra≤0.8μm and ≤0.4μm


Size K*D L H
DIN11850-1 DIN11850-2 ISO 2037/ISO 1127 BS4825 3A/ASME-BPE
DN15 0.75" 34*18 34*19 25*19.05 25*19.05 125 62.5
DN25 1" 50.5*28 50.5*29 50.5*25.4 50.5*25.4 125 62.5
DN32 1.25" 50.5*34 50.5*35 50.5*31.8 / 140 70
DN40 1.5" 50.5*40 50.5*41 50.5*38.1 50.5*38.1 150 75
DN50 2" 64*52 64*53 64*50.8 64*50.8 160 80
DN65 2.5" 91*70 91*70 77.5*63.5 77.5*63.5 180 90
DN80 3.0" / / 91*76.2 91*76.2 212 106
/ / DN DN NPS NPS / /

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