Sanitary manual butterfly Valve advantages

1, rubber sealing ring for valve and valve plates are made of imported items, ensure the the use of butterfly valves performance and service life.

2, using high precision CNC lathe turning valve ensures reliable interchangeability of the butterfly valve, removed by replacing the rubber does not guarantee the performance of the trouble.

3, valve stem mounted nylon sleeve, reduces friction and thus open and flexible with ease.

4, steel parts are made of stainless steel and rubber rubber, food, health and high quality.

5, valve sizes and pipe diameter, opening narrow and streamlined valve plate consistent with the direction of flow, flow resistance, no accumulation of materials.

6, flipping the handle, and pull, and under high operating torque, and difficult to pull off.

7, opening and closing in the range of 0~90du, can be fixed in position every 15 degrees, with adjustable, and opening and closing fast, easy operation.

8, valve body are detachable connections, simple structure, easy maintenance.

9, lightness, beauty modeling, surface and not sticky, Burr-free handle.

10, after a rigorous strength and leakage test to ensure quality.

11, sampling is not lower than 30,000 times the fatigue life test, ensuring its service life.