Sampling valve introduction

Sampling valves are valves used to get the media in the pipe or device samples in many occasions of the need for frequent samples for chemical analysis to the media, will use a special sampling valve. According to the different sampling works or performances, sampling valves can be divided into three categories, including two-up valves, flange clamp valve as well as sampling valves with steam jacket.

Product classification

Duplex valves
Duplex valves are more commonly used sampling valves, usually connected by two ball valves, it features sample security, stability. In the course of sampling, close-up valves closest to the equipment and piping in a valve and open valve b, let the media into the space between the two valves and closing b valve to open a valve, sampling containers placed in the sample sample media in full bloom.

Flange clamp valve
Flange clamp valve works, through the valve stem top of the vertebral body and the taper bore of the valve seat seal, handwheel valve rod is used in sampling locations, to separate the valve stem and tapered bore, taper hole medium flow into external sampling containers.

Sampling with a steam jacket valve
Sampling valve during use, if you have need to use insulation jacket, you should pay attention to when in operation, not in front of the media did not melt completely break open the valve, must wait until the crystals dissolved in order to open the valve in the valve, otherwise easily lead to accidents.
Sampling valve when using a steam jacket, also be careful not to break open the valve, if valve is not open, avoid the use of extension arm, it would create stress as a result of the valve spool and stem off, or lead to sampling part of damage, causes security risks.